Chicago Bulls Trade Rumors: Three-team swap suggests Jimmy Butler and Omer Asik to the Bucks

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Three-team swap suggests Jimmy Butler and Omar Asik to the Bucks?
Rumors suggest the Bulls in a three-team trade that would send Jimmy Butler and former teammate Omar Asik to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Many views the Chicago Bulls to struggle this season with its star-laden backcourt and the way to decongest it is through a trade. Rumors suggest a three-team trade that would send Jimmy Butler and former teammate Omer Asik to the Milwaukee Bucks.

The proposed deal will involve the Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, and the New Orleans Pelicans. In the trade, Butler and Asik end up with the Bucks while the Bulls get Tyreke Evans and Jabari Parker. The Pelicans would then receive Greg Monroe and Michael Carter-Williams.

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The trade is plausible with the Bucks looking as clear winners as they get an NBA star that would give them versatility. With Butler in their roster, the Bucks could ease their way into the playoffs and win a couple of series. Aside from that, Asik played with Butler during his tenure with the Bulls and so chemistry is not a problem as they can co-exist inside the court.

The Bucks are also looking at getting Khris Middleton to active duty as the season goes along. Pairing Middleton with Butler could be one of the franchise’s best wingmen punch. While waiting for Middleton to heal, Jason Kidd could explore his starting five with Butler teaming up with Matthew Delladova, Michael Beasley, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and John Henson.

For the Bulls, Rajon Rondo could take care of the point guard chores with Dwayne Wade sliding to the no. 2 position. Parker, who is an underrated forward, could fill in the starting unit together with Bobby Portis and Robin Lopez.

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Tyreke Evans, who is a seven-year veteran, could be Rondo’s wingman as he can bring solid numbers as well. Evans averages 15.2 points, 6.6 assists and 5.2 rebounds a game.

Many see that the deal is not also bad for the Pelicans as they get to shed some cap space out of Asik’s contract. They also will likely gain momentum with Monroe paring with Anthony Davis down the paint. Aside from that, Carter-Williams add more contribution as compared to other assets that the Pelicans do have on their bench.

This deal could be something that teams involve could explore and not build up “super teams” that is a short-term solution. Team chemistry is an essential part of a team’s success and if they would want that, the deal could be a solution.

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