Conor McGregor to vacate featherweight? Dana White hints McGregor’s comeback

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conor mcgregor
conor mcgregor

Conor McGregor sent the MMA world into frenzy when he tweeted that he is retiring from the sport.

UFC President Dana White however, gave him a chance to reconsider his decision and fight at UFC 200 as scheduled. But sadly, Conor McGregor didn’t contact White and now the window is officially closed.

In an appearance on UFC Tonight on Wednesday, Dana White confirmed that McGregor won’t be a part of UFC 200 anymore. White also informed that the Irishman failed to contact him in spite of giving him a window to reconsider his decision.

So, what’s next for McGregor?

According to Dana White, if McGregor really wants to retire then he would have to vacate his UFC featherweight title.

McGregor became the UFC featherweight champion after defeating Jose Aldo at UFC 194 within 13 seconds.

With the championship lying vacant, the fight between Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar at UFC 200 then would be for the undisputed featherweight title.

“It isn’t about whether or not Conor McGregor is fighting at UFC 200 because it’s been announced that he’s not fighting. The big question is if he’s retired because if he is, that belt is vacant and they will fight for the title,” White said.

With the announcement of McGregor’s retirement, rumors started that the rift between UFC and the 27-year-old fighter has deepened. But White said that he bears no ill-will and hatred towards Conor.

“Conor is a guy who has stepped up to the plate for us when we needed him to and he did. So I didn’t want to go in there and say, ‘That’s it,’ ” White said. “For some reason he didn’t want to do it. I literally tell our fighters that if they don’t [commit to promotional obligations] then they don’t fight.”

Even though White still holds Conor dearly, the ‘Notorious’ can’t come back right away if he is truly retired.

“If Conor is truly retired he would have to take four months off before he can come back because of USADA. You can’t say you’re retired and not have random drug testing for however long you’re out and then decide that you want to come back,” White informed.

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