Jeremy Lin moving out from Hornets; tired of being a substitute guard

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With the regular season almost coming to its end, NBA teams are now gearing up for their final push towards the playoffs. And one of the most notable teams in the league now is the Charlotte Hornets who had a seven-game winning streak until it was thwarted by the Dallas Mavericks today. Aside from the relative team success, Hornets caught attention when rumors of Jeremy Lin moving out surfaced the web.

Though they’ve suffered a loss against Dirk Nowitzki and his team, Hornets is still clinging to a solid spot on the Eastern Conference. And one of the key players coming off the bench is former Knicks sensation, Jeremy Lin. It can be remembered that Linsanity in the start of the season for the Hornets has played a key role in their campaign.

Lin was a consistent contributor to his team with significant numbers in the chart. However, since Hornet’s acquisition of Courtney Lee last month, a significant drop in Lin’s number was observed along with his dwindling minutes inside the court.

Lin is still averaging 11.7 points per game and 3 assists despite head coach Steve Clifford’s guard rotation. And for that, Lin may have a shot for the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award. He has produced significant number coming off the bench and as a substitute point guard for the Hornets.

Thus, it can be surmised that this 27-year old Harvard graduate still has more potential and years in the NBA. And as the rumors would suggest, Lin might want to capitalize on that by opting to be a free agent this summer. In an article by Nate Mitchell, it highlighted the possibility of Lin not continuing the second year of his $4.25 million two-year deal with the Hornets.

“Although he’s still logging in at least 20 minutes per game (6 mins. below his average playing time), Lin hasn’t been able to play significant playing time down the stretch as Clifford opted for Lee to finish games. His diminishing role with the team along with the opportunity to get a higher paycheck, thanks to a sharp rise in salary cap this summer, would surely factor in on Lin’s decision to opt out from the second year of his deal that pays him just a bit over $2MM,” Mitchell reported.

For a player who was once a considered as a sensation, playing as a substitute point guard may be tough to swallow. However, with the character that Jeremy Lin has, these rumors would likely not happen based on its premise. But things are still possible as long as the ball continues to roll in the NBA hard court.

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