Jon Jones called ‘crazy’? Check details

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Jon Jones is in the news again for his rash driving. UFC is heavily disappointed in him, but his fight with Daniel Cormier at UFC 197 is still on.

In the wake of his recent arrest, UFC president, Dana White has a very strong message for Jon Jones. The comments came just hours after Jones admitted to a probation violation in New Mexico Second Judicial District Court.

According to White, playing a good guy drove Jones crazy. “I don’t think Jon Jones is ever going to be the Jon Jones that people expect him to be. Jon is gonna do Jon. I think that Jon tried so hard to play the good guy for so long, it drove him crazy. And Jon is just gonna be Jon now.” White told TMZ.

Jones was pulled over last week and given five traffic tickets. He denied the allegations and was caught cursing the cop. Jon could be heard calling the cop a “f*cking liar” and “pig”.

After his latest scuffle with the law, three more provisions have been added to his existing probation period. As part of his new punishment, the 28-year-old will have to take courses in anger management and driver improvement, reports MMA Fighting. He also cannot drive unless his probation officer gives him permission. Jones has also been ordered to do 60 hours of community service.

The former light heavyweight champion has one more year to complete his full probation. Last September, Jones pleaded guilty in a felony hit-and-run case. He was given an 18-month probation period and 72 hours of community service.

White said that he hasn’t talked to Jones after the incident. “I haven’t talked to him, honestly. He’s been a little tied up since that happened,” White said.

Revealing that he is very “polite” when he gets pulled over by police, White advised not to argue with the police in such cases. “There’s no upside to talking back to the police. It’s the dumbest thing you can ever do, especially if you’re in Jon Jones’ position,” he said.

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