Minnesota Vikings Rumors: Acquiring Joe Staley from San Francisco 49ers near trade deadline

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Joe Staley with San Francisco 49ers
Joe Staley with San Francisco 49ersJeffrey Beall/Wikimedia

Minnesota Vikings Rumors – The Minnesota Vikings are starting to struggle in the 2016 NFL season after a great start. A trade with the San Francisco 49ers for five-time Pro Bowl tackle Joe Staley can help the Vikings get back on track.

According to reports, head coach Mike Zimmer is not happy with his offensive line. This has contained and exposed quarterback Sam Bradford, who was acquired in the offseason, in their recent games.

The Vikings started the season at 5-0 but have lost back-to-back games, losing to the Philadelphia Eagles (21-10) and Chicago Bears (20-10) in their last two.

Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz of USA Today Sports has a suggestion for the Vikings to improve their chances of winning the Super Bowl this season.

“Mike Zimmer ripped his line as “soft” after Minnesota’s first loss of the season last week. Any change in personnel at this point is mostly wistful, as the Vikings’ limited cap space likely would require them to send another player back in any deal,” Middlehurst-Schwartz stated.

The suggested Minnesota-San Francisco trade at the deadline will send Joe Staley to the Vikings while the 49ers receiver a second rounder and a player.

“Staley is one of the remaining attractive assets that the 49ers could offer in a selloff. Coach Chip Kelly and general manager Trent Baalke might be hesitant to part with him, especially given that the team looks like a solid bet to have a young quarterback to break in next season. Staley is 32, however, and San Francisco might get the most long-term value out of him by shipping him to a contender.”

At 1-6, San Francisco is just waiting for the season to be over and would prefer to get young assets or future picks. With a high pick next draft, another second rounder from a team like Minnesota will add more prospects as they build for the future.

Getting Joe Staley, who is an experienced veteran protecting Sam Bradford is a good idea for the Super Bowl title contenders Vikings.

Get more Minnesota Vikings rumors and NFL news with the trade deadline set Tuesday.

Photo courtesy: Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia

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