MLB Rumors: Tim Lincecum has great showcase; Giants, Angels and Dodgers as frontrunners for the veteran pitcher

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Tim Lincecum (Photo Courtesy: SD Dirk/Flickr)

Tim Lincecum scheduled a workout showcase for various teams on Friday and MLB rumors now state that a few teams came impressed and wants to offer him a contract. Lincecum also reportedly wants a starting role.

“I know I’ve been working my butt off with pitch counts, working off that five-day rotation to try to elongate myself as a pitcher and as a starter,” Lincecum said via AZ Central. “I prefer whichever team needs me.”

Other MLB rumors state that Lincecum is willing to take a short-term deal, if that is the offer, assuming that he gets a starters role.

Watch the Tim Lincecum showcase here:

“I think I know there are other teams [besides the Giants] out there that are looking for starters right now and I wouldn’t have to go to Triple-A and have to work my way behind somebody,” Lincecum added. “To be honest with you I’d rather start, but I know I need to get timing with others hitters in the box and work my way through it that way.”

Various MLB rumors state that Lincecum finding his next MLB team could happen very soon

Lincecum suffered a hip injury last year that needed surgery. He was rehabbing all offseason and appears to be healthy now and ready to join another MLB team. The two-time Cy Young winner has won three World Series titles, in 2010, 2012 and 2014. With his winning pedigree and if healthy, MLB Rumors will continue to surround the 31-year-old pitcher until he lands with his next team.

Photo Courtesy: SD Dirk/Flickr

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