NBA Rumors: Bradley Beal teaming up with Russell Westbrook in OKC; Trade makes Wall-Cousins reunion possible

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Bradley Beal (Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr)

John Wall and Bradley Beal are yet to prove that they are one of the best backcourt tandems in the league. The poor chemistry of the two superstars greatly affected the Washington Wizards’ performance this season.

The Wizards entered the 2016-17 NBA season with the goal of contending for the playoffs. Unfortunately, they continue to struggle and projected to suffer another disappointing season. Wizards head coach Scott Brooks admitted that he could still not see how good the John Wall and Bradley Beal backcourt tandem could be.

“We haven’t really had a period where I’ve seen how good can they be together,” Brooks said. “I can count on maybe a total of 12 times where we had really good practices and I didn’t have to worry about taking them out of a scrimmage.”

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Wall and Beal revealed that there were times that they dislike each other on the court. However, they insisted that their squabbles are the kind brothers, not jealous teammates, have. In the recent offseason, Wall shared his opinion on Beal’s $127-million contract.

“People always assumed why we weren’t connecting,” Wall said. “People asked, ‘Well, are you mad?’ No, I’m not mad. I can’t control the CBA. It’s good timing for him. All I’m saying is let him earn it. I didn’t deserve it until I went out and made the All-Star Game and then they said, ‘All right, he earned it.’ Let him earn it. I had to earn mine.”

Some people could give different interpretations on Wall’s “let him earn it” line. Recently, Wall expressed his frustrations with his team’s performance. He could have felt that Beal is yet to perform like a max contract player. In the past months, rumors circulate that Wizards will deal either John Wall or Bradley Beal before the trade deadline.

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In the ESPN Insider preview, Jeremias Engelmann believes that the Wizards should trade Bradley Beal and compared him to Gilbert Arenas.

“It’s probably wishful thinking, but I want to see them try to trade Beal to get rid of that dreadful contract,” Engelmann said.

Several NBA teams could be interested in acquiring Bradley Beal, including the Oklahoma City Thunder. So far, the Thunder continue to survive without Kevin Durant. Russell Westbrook carries a heavier load and manages to live up to expectations. However, if they want to be back to title contention, they should consider adding another superstar to their team.

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