NBA Rumors: Derrick Rose to New York Knicks, why Phil Jackson may not agree

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Over the past weeks, NBA rumor mill centered its attention on the next big move of New York Knicks after an apparent disappointment this season’s campaign. According to some rumors, the Knicks are just one point guard away from becoming a contending team in the NBA. That is why it is being speculated that the Knicks together Phil Jackson will take their chance with Derrick Rose in preparation for the next 2016-2017 NBA season.

The speculated trade deal sprung from the idea that sooner or later the Bulls would have to deal with their two guards, Rose and Jimmy Butler. One or the other should remain as the centerpiece of a once dominant team in the NBA. And as what most NBA insiders would view, the Bulls is of better with Butler than with Rose.

“It would not surprise me at all if the Bulls explore Derrick Rose’s trade value because I think he leaves the Bulls as a free agent in 2017,” Steve Kyler of Basketball Insider shared. “I think once teams miss on free agents the Bulls could get real value out of Rose. I think both Derrick and the Bulls need a change of scenery.”

And for that matter, rumors of Knicks acquiring the service of former MVP Derrick Rose became more and more prevalent on the web. Knicks has even been featured as one of the top destinations for Derrick Rose if the Bulls would decide on his fate.

“Rose would bring flash and a big name to the point guard spot,” immediately presenting himself a better option than Jose Calderon and rookie Jerian Grant,”  Gerald Bourguet of HoopHabit speculated.

The idea of Knicks chasing Rose was utterly emphasized by most surfacing reports. However, contrary to what is popularly believed, Phil Jackson thinks it would be unnecessary to pursue such obsession for a point guard. The current Knicks president, Phil Jackson, shed some light on the idea of Knicks chasing star point guards for them.

“Chasing a point guard, where it becomes just an obsession, isn’t necessary. It’s not necessary. We can play the game without that. We went to a two-guard format, and I think we were successful at it… I think we caught a lot of people in the league by surprise because of the way we played. So it works, and we know it works,” Jackson shared via ESPN.

Aside from such idea presented by Jackson, it would also be unnecessary to take Rose who was once riddled with injuries, which undeniably affected his performance. Rose is not anymore the MVP that he used to be. In fact, he is out shadowed by another Bull’s point guard, Jimmy Butler. And for that matter, it would somehow suggest that the Knicks should be sighting their scope on much healthy and younger players.

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