NBA Rumors: Derrick Rose rape case a distraction in New York; Should Knicks package PG with Kristaps Porzingis to get Russell Westbrook

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Jane Doe sues Derrick Rose for $20 million in damages 2-years after alleged gang rape
A certain Jane Doe has filed a lawsuit against New York Knicks superstar Derrick Rose worth over $20 million in damages.

The Derrick Rose rape case is going to trial this week and the sordid details of the alleged “gang rape” have been exposed in the court hearings. NBA rumors involving Rose leaving would be making more headlines as the new season approaches.

With a “win-now” mode in New York, the Knicks are better off trading their starting point guard, who is creating an unnecessary distraction for the Big Apple team.

But which teams will take the risk with Rose? No team wants a distraction on their team so Rose’s value is just because he has a big expiring contract. If the Knicks can add a future first round pick in any deal for Rose, a team might jump at the opportunity of shedding off salary and also getting a future prospect.

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One team that is in rebuilding mode is the Oklahoma City Thunder. They re-signed Russell Westbrook to a three-year deal but is not the same “title contender” like they were when they had Kevin Durant, who went to West rivals Golden State Warriors last summer.

The Thunder will first see how the current team, without superstar Durant, fares in the early part of the regular season. But they may eventually decide that moving on from Westbrook could be good for the future of the franchise if they get a young prospect in return.

One young prospect, Kristaps Porzingis, plays in New York. With the Derrick Rose situation becoming a major distraction for the team, the Knicks could unload the former MVP to a team like the Thunder. OKC won’t agree to a one-on-one deal if it involves Westbrook and Porzingis could be a good trade bait to convince the Thunder to make a deal.

Via Real GM Trade Checker, a Porzingis and Rose deal for Westbrook works. Westbrook is signed through the next three seasons and the Knicks including a future first round pick will entice OKC in this blockbuster deal.

Any deal involving Westbrook will have to happen after February 4 because Westbrook just recently signed a contract extension. This is perfect timing for both the Thunder and Knicks can wait until about the trade deadline and see where they stand in the race to the NBA Playoffs.

Why would the Knicks do this deal? “Win-now” is the only option in New York as they want to maximize Carmelo Anthony’s prime years. A starting five of Westbrook, Courtney Lee, Melo, Joakim Noah and any power forward will make them one of the contenders in the Eastern Conference.

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For the Thunder, rebuilding around Kristaps Porzingis will be a good option in a post-Russell Westbrook era. These NBA rumors won’t happen soon but it’s something that can be discussed near the February NBA trade deadline.

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