NBA Rumors: Derrick Rose to be removed from Bulls, Former MVP seen to be unreliable

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It is no secret that NBA rumors and news have been praying about the possible departure of Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls via free agency. However, with the Bulls current team standing and season performance, it seems like rumors of the Bulls possibly letting go Rose would likely be realized, conceivably part of team changes.

In a separate article, it was speculated that the New York Knicks may want to pursue someone in the league with a quality of a star point guard that could team up with their current star Carmelo Anthony. And Steve Kyler of Basket Insider likewise previously highlighted the move for Bulls to trade Rose while the former MVP still has value for some other teams.

“It would not surprise me at all if the Bulls explore Derrick Rose’s trade value because I think he leaves the Bulls as a free agent in 2017. I think once teams miss on free agents the Bulls could get real value out of Rose. I think both Derrick and the Bulls need a change of scenery.”

Such idea of Rose leaving the Bulls was reinvigorated with the interpretation that the Bulls are in need of a significant change in order to remove the notion of being a ‘mediocre mess‘ in the league and subdue alleged apathy lurking in the background.

And such changes would likely include addressing some internal issues of the franchise. Jay Patt of Blog a Bull mentioned some concerns regarding the team that may lead a fan like him to dislike a once dominant team in the NBA. Patt cited both Rose and Butler as one of the concerns in the team, stating that:

“The newly christened star player, who I’ve defended a lot, has become a corny diva who’s trying to figure out how to lead. The former star player (and my former favorite player) is unreliable.”

Aside from the idea of Butler being a diva and Rose being unreliable, the report likewise emphasized the existence of apathy within the team, thus reminding us that “Jimmy Butler and Rose must learn how to coexist offensively,” for the team to achieve a great change, and possibly turning the odds of their season campaign.

And if coexistence is impossible, then the management would have to choose between the so-called “diva” and the “unreliable “one in order to achieve over-all dynamics in the team.

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