NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard easily acquired by Knicks

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It is almost known to every NBA fans that Dwight Howard is having an issue playing with fellow Rockets James Harden. Though the speculation has consistently been denied by Howard, it did not stop the NBA rumor mill to spawn more matters relating to the first one.

Then and now it has been reported that Howard may transfer team come his free agency period, and Knicks may just have acquired Howard for his service.

There has been an on-going speculation lately that D12 could transfer to another team. As Ian Begley of ESPN has espoused, some of Howard’s associates pointed out such possibility. And New York Knicks may be the next home of this three-time Defensive Player of the Year.

“Along those lines, one name to keep in mind this summer is Dwight Howard.

Some of Howard’s friends have let it be known recently that the center would be interested in coming to New York as a free agent if he opts out of his current contract, league sources say,” Begley reported.

Convincing Howard to sign for the Knicks may not be easy, but with a supposed $18 million in cap space and the luxury of having a reliable rookie player, Kristaps Porzingis, to back him (Howard) in the front court together with Anthony, he might just agree with it. With the speculated motivation to bring his play to New York, Howard may have just increased his chance of winning an NBA title along with another hungry player, Carmelo Anthony.

From the perspective of the Houston Rockets, this move of Howard may become a blessing in disguise, for they can now solely focus on drafting plays that may cater for the type of game their main man James Harden likes.

Rockets can now focus their attention on giving Harden more opportunity to perform isolation with fewer qualms of Howard’s low post game. As long as Howard and Harden will not settle the disparity in their plays and the attention they need, no matter who will be their coach, there would always be a rift in Rockets offensive scheme.

If indeed Howard would be playing for the Knicks, he will be replacing Robin Lopez as the starting center and be able to upgrade the defense of the ailing Knicks. But still, the Knicks also have the option to waive the intention of Howard playing for them, regardless the truth of Howard’s alleged move.

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