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NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard gives hints on his ‘new team’ next season

Dwight Howard (Photo courtesy: michalkajzerek/Wikimedia)

While having a challenging face-off with the Warriors, rumors and speculations were continually surrounding the Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard about his decision to stay or leave the Rockets for another franchise including his former team Orlando Magic.

Based on a previous report, Howard’s mental and physical state had been questionable after many people noticed his performances in the middle of the season. Howard showed discontentment with his team role especially in the offensive end and said that it had an effect with how he performed in the defensive end.

On a video released by NBA analyst Ric Bucher of the Bleacher report, he revealed some possible decision of the Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard about his plans for the next season.

“Dwight’s Plan A is to stay in Houston and make it work. He has made that abundantly clear. But he is also looking at Plan Bs and league sources say that one of those is the possible return to Orlando. He has been seeking out whether the Magic would be open to that through back channels.”

Speculations about Howard longing to be back in his former team started to make noise when he stated how he missed the days playing in the team where all he did was to dominate and stand out in the court, which is completely opposite of what he was experiencing.

“Since I’ve been in the NBA, especially when we (were) in Orlando and (then-coach) Stan (Van Gundy) got there, he made a big emphasis on playing inside-out, and really just playing a bully-type style of basketball,” said Howard via USA Today. “And we did pick and rolls too, so it was kind of like a mixture. That’s what threw teams off. It wasn’t (just) me getting post-ups so I can always score, but it was doing that to free up our shooters, to give them more space (and) to really shoot the ball. I feel like that’s a very successful way of playing.”

Dwight Howard was reportedly having a dispute with his teammate James Harden about being the main man on the offensive end of the Houston Rockets but confirmed that he had no hate for the Rockets superstar.

In the Game 4 of their playoff series, Stephen Curry had been uncertain again for the Golden State Warriors wherein there might be chances that the superstar might be off in the succeeding games against the Houston Rockets.

The Houston Rockets managed to defeat the Warriors in the Game 3 where Curry did not play meaning that they have the chance again to take advantage of the Warriors just like what they have done in Game 3.

Transfer rumors about Dwight Howard might be decided with how the Houston Rockets would end up with their playoff series against the Golden State Warriors.

Photo courtesy: michalkajzerek/Wikimedia

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