NBA Rumors: Jahlil Okafor finally moving to Celtics, Ben Simmons possible exchange piece

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With the NBA draft highly anticipated, NBA rumor mill is now spawning the possibility of the Philadelphia 76ers finally moving Jahlil Okafor to the Boston Celtics. Such scenario is projected to happen under the presumption that the Celtics could pick LSU guard Ben Simmons.

The uncertainty of Okafor with his current team has been previously speculated. Keith Pompey of Philly likewise mentioned the difficulty of the 76ers in pairing Okafor with Joel Embid or Nerlens Noel, and suggesting the letting go of Okafor once Embid has fully recuperated. The lack of defensive prowess of Okafor underneath the rim has also been considered as a possible factor for trading him.

“Okafor without Noel has brought better offense and equally terrible defense, which isn’t surprising given the rookie’s shortcomings on that end of the floor. While Okafor has great size and length, he’s slow of foot, not an explosive leaper and has poor defensive instincts,” SB Nation once highlighted.

And once more the interest of Boston Celtics having a legit center was once again reignited, pointing to the uncertain path of Okafor with the Sixers.

It has been previously reported that before the NBA trade deadline, Celtics were in hot pursuit for the offense-oriented center, Okafor. However, the deal did not turn sweet for the Sixers are uncertain whether the future pick of Celtics is worth trading Okafor.

And now that rumors are highly suggesting that Boston could be in a good position to choose from either “Oklahoma’s Buddy Hield, Duke’s Brandon Ingram or the presumptive number-one pick, LSU’s 6’10” multi-purpose guard Ben Simmons,” the Celtics-Sixers trade deal has once again resurfaced.

But still this conjecture lack a solid foundation considering the performance of Okafor in his rookie season, registering a career-high 31 points against Dallas Maverick last month, thus impressing his coach Brett Brown.

“When we step back and we review numbers as it relates to other rookies, we’re all going to admit that Jahlil Okafor had a heck of a year,” Brown said via

With both teams current situation, Celtics looking for a stable center, and Sixers having a bunch in their roster, it cannot be helped to connect the dots. But there is still one missing, a dot to be determined after the Celtics make their pick. Would that pick be the dot that can connect this trade rumor?

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