NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin reuniting with Mike D’Antoni in 76ers, Linsanity reloaded expected

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Jeremy Lin of the Charlotte Hornets (Photo courtesy: Instagram/ jlin7)

With the recent performance of Jeremy Lin in Charlotte Hornets, NBA once again relived the Linsanity fever which happened under the guidance of former Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni. And such occasion gave way to NBA rumors about the possibility of Linsanity and D’ Antoni under one team.

It was previously rumored that Lin might leave Hornets favoring teams wherein he can play a huge role and not just as a substitute point guard. With his remarkable recent performance, Lin proved to everyone that he can still be the Linsanity if necessarily needed by the team. And with that showcasing of basketball prowess, accompanying rumors pointing out the possibility of the Knicks reacquiring Jeremy Lin likewise surfaced.

Aside from Knicks being linked to Lin, another conjecture presents the idea of Lin and D’ Antoni under one team, which is the Philadelphia 76ers where D’ Antoni is currently the associate head coach. Sai M of highlighted the performance of Lin while under the Knicks saying that:

“Under D’Antoni, Lin looked like an elite point guard who can orchestrate a high-tempo offense with utmost precision. Simply put, after his days in Phoenix Suns, D’Antoni found his next Steve Nash in Lin, albeit for a short period.”

With the idea of ‘elite’ under D’Antoni being emphasized, Sai M injected the concept of a possible huge role for Lin while playing in the 76ers. Sai M continued stipulating that:

“Since Sixers need a point guard and Lin a larger role, the marriage is at least worth experimenting. There’s not a lot to lose for Lin, who like Smith has been changing jerseys on a yearly basis. In Charlotte, Lin can’t expect more since Kemba Walker is perceived a franchise player.”

Of course, the idea of Lin playing for a coach who once gave him significant playing time made some Lin fans ecstatic. But still the idea remains a conjecture, and the rumors of Jeremy Lin moving from Hornets would remain a rumor until fully realized.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/ jlin7

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