NBA Rumors: Jimmy Butler moving to Orlando Magic or Celtics, Trade in the off-season possible

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Chicago Bulls Rumors and News: Jimmy Butler does little to clear up relationship with Derrick Rose Photo Courtesy: HoopXpress/ Youtube

While the NBA rumor mill is still feasting on the latest blunder of D’ Angelo Russell, another rumor was reignited pointing to the possible departure of Jimmy Butler from the Bulls. It has been previously reported that Boston Celtics showed a keen interest in the Bulls point guard which was not realized. And now Orlando Magic is included in the equation.

Masslive highlighted Boston Herald’s report that the Celtics were eager to acquire a ‘difference maker’ for the team in the persona of Butler.

“The Boston Celtics pursued Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler prior to last month’s trade deadline.

Celtics were willing to give up first two-round picks in this summer’s draft — those from the Brooklyn Nets (which could land in the top 5) and Dallas Mavericks (which is top-7 protected),” Jay King of Masslive reported.

However, such rumored interest was never actualized for the Bulls has seen a great potential for Butlers current season performance. With Derrick Rose lacking consistency and having only several spurts of greatness, the team had been banking on Butler to improve their season’s campaign.

With that being supposedly settled, NBA rumor mill seems can get enough of the possible departure of  Butler from his current team. It is once again reported that other teams could try and lure Butler to their franchise in the off-season. Real GM highlighted the article of Chris Mannix of The Vertical stating that:

“Several teams called the Chicago Bulls at the deadline about the availability of Jimmy Butler. The Boston Celtics were one of the teams to call the Bulls and were rebuffed. Several teams are expected to try again on trading for Butler in the offseason. The Orlando Magic are a team that several executive identified as capable of dealing for Butler.”

The same article of Mannix also reported the ongoing ‘chemistry issues’ lingering in the Bull’s locker room. And in passing “Butler’s shoddy shot selection to the disconnect within the team offensively” was likewise highlighted.

With all the issues highlighted through NBA rumors, it cannot be helped be reminded that “Jimmy Butler and Rose must learn how to coexist offensively,” for a more successful campaign, or else Bulls would have to deal with both point guards in the future.

Photo Courtesy: HoopXpress/ Youtube

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