NBA Rumors: Lakers letting go of Jordan Clarkson; No right to carry Kobe’s torch

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Jordan Clarkson of the Los Angeles Lakers (Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons)

NBA rumors about the future of Jordan Clarkson with the LA Lakers are present as his free agency nears. Even though he is considered as one of the most consistent players for Lakers this season, Kobe Bryant sees the current Lakers’ roster, including Clarkson, as not having the rights to carry the torch after he leaves the franchise.

NBA’s third all-time leading scorer shared via ESPN about the notion of Michael Jordan handing him the torch during MJ’s exit from the league. Bryant clarified that Jordan did not pass the torch to him or any successor, he stated that:

“He didn’t pass the torch. Torches never get passed. You’ve got to earn that.”

With Kobe retiring from the NBA after this season, the void that Bryant would be leaving is too much to be filled in either by Clarkson or even by the rookie D’Angelo Russell.

Kobe himself was even vocal about the idea of any remaining Lakers player possibly earning the rights to carry the torch.

“No. If you have to ask that question, the answer is already there. Those are things you don’t have to ask. Those things just happen,” Kobe said via ESPN.

Even with Clarkson averaging 15.3 points per game along with 3.9 rebounds, his stay in the Lakers is still not guaranteed. Just recently, it has been speculated that Clarkson could leave the Lakers if the franchise could land a big name player in free agency.

With the future contract situation in the Lakers next season, rumors have it that “Jordan Clarkson is the odd man out in Los Angeles if the Lakers sign superstars like Kevin Durant.”

However, despite the rumors of Clarkson leaving the Lakers, the NBA sophomore is focused  towards improving his game, which somehow coincides with the inner motivation that Bryant pointed out.

“It’s tough, because everybody is different. Everybody is different. It manifests itself in different ways. I think at the core of us all, though, it’s that kind of competitive drive and the obsession about the game.”

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/ Wikimedia

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