NBA Rumors: Jordan Clarkson tired of Russell and Young Lakers Drama

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With NBA rumors surrounding the L.A. Lakers in the past week, it cannot be helped but to ask about Jordan Clarkson and his disposition and view of the controversy. It can be observed that Clarkson is both close to Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell, who were both the center of the said scandal. Thus, giving more burden to the young Filipino-American Lakers guard.

In retrospect, Young and Russell, who were likewise accordingly close to each other, found themselves in a rift caused by a secret recording of Young’s alleged cheating confession perpetuated by Russell. After the whirlwind of scenario unfolded, it was almost expected that something physical was going to happen in the Lakers locker room. And even Russell was also conscious of these possibilities which got the management worried a bit:

“I’d get physical back.” Russell said via LA Times concerning the possibility of Young getting physical. “It’s a point where you try to solve it the right way and I don’t know the words, but [if] there’s a sign of disrespect or violence is involved, sometimes you’ve got to let people feel you, you’ve got to let people know that, ‘If you disrespect this guy, you know you’ve got to bring it.”

However, even though such thing did not happen, still Clarkson feels uncomfortable about the situation, but still hopeful for things to eventually work out for his friends and teammate.

“We’re just going to have to see how it works out, how they handle it. There’s an elephant in the room, especially when those two guys [are] in the locker room. We felt it but D’Angelo handled it the right way. He looked us all in the eyes as men and apologized,” Clarkson said via LA Times.

It’s good to hear that something positive has come out from negatively highlighted event. And their teammate and friend, Clarkson, is not tired of understanding both parties. In a statement via, Clarkson stated that:

“Everybody accepted his apology. He has to stop worrying about everything. He just has to perform.”

Though wounds have been inflicted by the said controversy and misdemeanor of some players, time will soon heal this franchise who is likewise struggling this season. But for now, borrowing Julius Randle’s choice of words, things would be a “little awkward.”

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