NBA Rumors: Kawhi Leonard for MVP, Spurs new Tim Duncan overshadows LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant

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NBA rumors on Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, Tim Duncan, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant
NBA rumors have Kawhi Leonard running for the MVP title, to overshadow LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant? Is he the new Tim Duncan?

At a young age of 25, Spurs’ forward Kawhi Leonard is becoming a force to be reckoned with. He already has NBA championship experience (2014), was named NBA Finals MVP, and has won two consecutive defensive player titles in the last two seasons. NBA rumors are going wild for this young man.

Since the new season started Kawhi Leonard is the first player to score 65 points & have 10 steals in the first two games since 1979.

Is there something he cannot do?

During the offseason, NBA rumors were all about LeBron James versus Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Will the Warriors now led by a powerful tandem of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant finally topple the Cavs and LeBron James?

So far, all eyes are on the rising star from San Antonio, Kawhi Leonard.

It seems that with him, the Spurs have found their new Tim Duncan, a report by the Washington Post suggests.

This is the first time San Antonio enters the NBA season since Tim Duncan silently retired, and with aging leaders like Manu Ginobili and Parker, Kawhi Leonard certainly is a breath of fresh air.

He may not be likely to snatch the NBA’s MVP title from Stephen Curry or top contender LeBron James, but Kawhi Leonard is on the perfect track to make a run for their money.

On the retirement of Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich said, “With that pivotal guy gone, we’ll have to wait and see who accepts that role.” Well, not for long, as Kawhi Leonard becomes a force both on the offensive and defensive end, scoring a game-high 30 pts. against the Kings. And they are both similar too, personality-wise.

The Spurs may be undergoing a major transition, adjusting to the absence of Tim Duncan, but they’ve always seemed in sync through the years. They make sure the ball is moved around, giving every member ample opportunity to shine. And if they continue to win this season it would give Kawhi Leonard a crack at the MVP title, NBA rumors speculate.

Meanwhile, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are likely to deplete the votes among themselves, while LeBron James charges down the lane to grab the title. But who knows what Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs could achieve down the line.

Kawhi Leonard guarantees they will be better this season according to a report by News4SA

“This season, I guarantee that… My team will be better than the past year.” Kawhi Leonard said. And there is no reason not to believe him.

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