NBA Rumors: LeBron James wants to play with Stephen Curry; LBJ admits the MVP is ‘Very Good’

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The NBA rumor mill is swirling with speculations on the fate of LeBron James. ‘The King’ recently shared his interest in playing with his closest friends in the NBA, thus suggesting a possible departure of LBJ from the Cavaliers. With such bold statement, it cannot be helped imagine James likewise to be playing with the reigning MVP Stephen Curry whom he admits being a “very, very, very, very, very good basketball player.”

In a separate article, it outlined the possible reasons for James playing for the Warriors. Aside from the fact that the Warriors franchise is a team to beat and is poised in achieving multiple NBA titles in the coming years, the richness of the team’s roster including Steph Curry and Klay Thompson may draw James to bring his game to the Bay area.

Though many hindrances may frustrate the conjecture, still NBA rumors of James possibly playing with Curry in the Warriors is proliferating. Perhaps the idea of LeBron James playing side by side with Curry and the rest of the Warriors sprung slightly from the known interest of James for Curry.

“He’s a very, very, very, very, very good basketball player. I don’t know if he’s coming out [to the NBA] this year. When he does, he has a spot.” James stated via ESPN his view of the young Curry years ago. “I saw a kid who didn’t care how big someone was, how fast someone else was, how strong someone else was…It was great to see someone like that who doesn’t get caught up in people going after guys who can jump higher and run faster and run through a wall harder and things like that.”

The words of James stated while Curry was still not in the league is a testament to the ability of Curry to make audiences in awe of his game, and even a well-established NBA star, James, that time was able to appreciate the calibre of the young kid, Curry.

Now that Stephen Curry is in the league and even outplaying James at some instances, it would be very natural for James to recall what he said and witnessed in the past. And if so, would LeBron James pursue the opportunity of playing with the young kid whom he labeled ‘very good’ in the past and is becoming one the best in the league?

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