NBA Rumors: LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony share Cavs leadership, Kevin Love out; Melo unsurprised of Donald Trump victory

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LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, nba rumors, kevin love, Donald Trump
NBA rumors on LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love out, Donald Trump

NBA rumors have profiled Carmelo Anthony as a player who’s not afraid to use his position to influence social issues, and address the need for change. But within the realm of the NBA, a major change could hit New York involving LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony in particular.

During the Rio 2016 Olympics, Carmelo Anthony went as far as to use the Olympic platform to voice out his concerns for social injustices, and referred it as a follow up to his ESPYs message, and regular activism posts through his social media.

On Donald Trump ‘s victory “Melo” once again makes it a point to use his influence to calm his fans of seemingly impending trouble, calling on every citizen to be “role models and be our own leaders at this point, regardless of kind of who’s the commander in chief” as reported by ESPN.

Donald Trump ‘s surprising, come-from-behind victory has stirred up communities, sent out fears of instability with familiar concerns for racism, sexism and hatred strewn on streets throughout America.

But Melo says he wasn’t surprised of Donald Trump coming into power at all. “I wasn’t honestly surprised, to be honest with you. I wasn’t surprised. The way that things are going now in this country, the educated and uneducated, the people that is out there who was voting, I wasn’t surprised at that.”

On the basketball court one major movement NBA rumors say have a chance of taking place is the LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony tande in Cleveland. The Knicks have been looking into Kevin Love for years now, and in line to their process of rebuilding, NBA rumors point out that the Cavs may once again entertain the idea of Kevin Love not fitting too well with LeBron James and the rest of the Cavs.

Why LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony partnership would work well is a no-brainer. They both have worked together, so chemistry shouldn’t be a problem. And the fact that they’ve been good friends while being apart says something deeper about their friendship.

“Trading Anthony would put the New York Knicks on a clear path to rebuilding, as suggested by SBNation. And freeing Kevin Love would seem a good decision for the Cavs, as he doesn’t quite fit with their small ball approach, which is necessary to defend their title, as expected against the Warriors.

While this NBA rumor has been starting to circle around the league, it doesn’t seem likely to happen. The Knicks already has the right pieces, and Phil Jackson “don’t appear to have any interest in a long, slow rebuild.”

NBA rumors of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony back together sounds good; In fact, too good for it to actually take place. At least not at this time.

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