NBA Rumors: Mavericks rest Chandler Parsons due to injury, early season end possible

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NBA rumor mill has been emphasizing the possible departure of Chandler Parsons from Dallas Mavericks for another NBA team where he can be a future franchise player. However, such rumors may be postponed due to the recent injury of Chandler Parsons possibly leading to an early season rest. Parsons, who hurt his right knee recently, could once again have a premature exit from this season similar to what he experienced last year.

It can be remembered that with Dallas’ recent encounter with the Golden State Warriors, Parsons had to leave the court during the third quarter due to an alleged sore right hamstring. But after a check-up procedure last Monday, MRI revealed that Parsons has damaged his cartilage in the right knee. The sore hamstring was actually being caused by the torn meniscus, thus possibly requiring surgery.

Parsons, who averages almost 14 points per game and 4 rebounds this season, would have to relive again his experience last year, wherein he was unable to finish the series due to a surgery procedure on his right knee. Parsons had a hybrid microfracture May of last year.

Though such damage in the cartilage may not be that severe, still Parsons could miss the remaining games as he would be recuperating until the offseason as ESPN suggested. This situation is definitely not favorable to the Dallas Mavericks as they are trying to force their way towards the playoffs.

The loss of Parsons during their game against the Warriors could be vital for regular season campaign if he will not be able to come back. In connection to the rumored moving out of Chandler Parsons from the Dallas Mavericks, Josh Benjamin of Forbes has his two cents worth for Parsons to reflect on:

“Given how his two years in Dallas have both ended prematurely due to knee injury, that alone is a reason for him to take the money next year and just try and rebuild his value, rather than take a likely pay cut were he to hit the open market.”

With the possibility of the Mavericks shutting down Parsons the whole season, it would surely be a challenge for the Mavs to play with a handicap against strong teams in the Western Conference, the former NBA champion team would have to double or, in fact, triple their effort if they would want to experience once more their 2011 glory before Dirk Nowitzki hangs his jersey.

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