NBA Trade Rumors: Nick Young to be dealt by Lakers in the offseason

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Mar 30, 2016; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward Nick Young (0) at press conference related to guard D’Angelo Russell (1) at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like there is no stopping for NBA trade rumors to include the Los Angeles Lakers in its roundup. And just recently, it is being speculated that Nick Young might be dealt by the Lakers in offseason. This rumor is somehow connected to the previous controversy involving Lakers point guard D’Angelo Russell and the leaked recording of the so-called cheating confession of Young.

Although it has been almost weeks since that video controversy became viral, the impact of the incident has not yet subsided within the Lakers locker room. With the recent reports of trust issues, it seems like players involved in the incident have not yet recovered.

Nick Young, in particular, “has not been himself” according to some reports.

“He’s been a little bit more, I wouldn’t say standoffish, but he’s been probably a whole lot quieter than Nick normally is,” coach Byron Scott said via LA Times.

It can be remembered that the Lakers have tried to trade Nick Young in the past, but there were no takers, suggesting the player’s low trade value in the market. And with the current situation in the locker room of the Lakers and the inconsistency of Young’s production, it is being speculated that a trade deal could once again resurface. Real GM highlighted that:

“Young’s production has dropped and he’s now been involved in an off-the-court issue with D’Angelo Russell, who the Lakers consider one of the members of their core.”

There is no telling what would be the future of both players, Young and Russell, after this season. The Lakers would have to take actions internally to heal the wounds and obliterate the rift caused by the said scandal.

But when it comes to the question on who will be traded in the offseason, it seems like Young’s name is favored both by NBA insiders and fans especially as Russell is the better prospect for the Lakers.

“Whether he’s traded or released outright, Young likely won’t be a Laker for the start of next year,” Joseph Zucker of Bleacher Report suggested.

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