NBA Rumors: Pacers Ty Lawson sentenced for DUI, NBA career ends

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Lawson (Photo Courtesy: Twitter/TyLawson3)

NBA rumors would usually include trade deals and other player and front office moves in the league. However, it is unusual for us to hear rumors about career ends due to lawsuits and legal offenses. And such could have been one of the many possible outcomes for Indiana Pacers point guard Ty Lawson if the judge did not reject arguments favoring his jail time.

Fox 31 Denver Chuck Hickey reports that Lawson has pleaded guilty to drunken driving charges resulting for him to be fined $1,571 on top of being sentenced to one-year probation, two days community service and 52 hours of alcohol education and treatment.

Though Lawson managed to escape jail time, it was a tough move to be pulled off by his lawyer Harvey Steinberg, especially that Lawson already had previous cases of DUI. It can be recalled that before he was sentenced for his DUI case which happened last year, Lawson likewise had two previous commission of the same offense, first in 2008 and another in 2011.

And for this matter prosecutor Chris Curtis wanted, at least, a month jail time since it seems Lawson has not changed and has not suffered any consequences as what ABC News highlighted in their report.

“Mr. Lawson thinks this is no big deal,” Curtis said.

The six-year veteran manages to escape jail time when Judge Olympia Fay rejected the idea of jail time that the prosecutor has been aiming for. Along with the stipulated ruling, Judge Olympia Fay also warned Lawson regarding his path in life and instructed him to change.

“You don’t want that on your heart. No one does,” Judge Fay stated via ABC News.

This case could have been a career turning event for Ty Lawson if a much harsh judgment were implemented. As for his career in the NBA, Lawson managed to claim his freedom relatively and continue his NBA career and recuperation outside a prison cell.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/TyLawson3

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