NBA Rumors: Update on Chandler Parsons exit from the Mavericks, Houston Rockets still an option

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There has been a great deal made about the possible exit of Chandler Parsons from Dallas Mavericks the past days. It is being rumored that Parsons may want to return to the Houston Rockets via free agency.

The upcoming free agent status of Parsons has hatched some speculations connecting his name to different teams in the league. The LA Lakers, along with the New York Knicks and Orlando Magic, are some the teams that have been reported to be the possible landing options of Parsons.

However, in a podcast interview transcribed by HoopHype, Parsons did not rule out a possible comeback to his former team, Houston Rockets.

“Houston was home for me for three year. I definitely would never count that option out. I have great memories there. They have a great crowd, a great city to live in … I have nothing but respect and love for them. I would never count that out,” Parsons declared.

If the rumors are true, then we would have to expect Parsons playing along with James Harden next season. However, a chance to play with the current starting center of the Rockets, Dwight Howard, may be slim for the reason that Howard might move to another team this summer come free agency period.

Parsons have been doing well in the league the past seasons. He is even being rumored to replace the role of Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas once the German retires. However, there might be some complications about the idea of Parsons becoming the Mavericks next franchise player.

Tim MacMahon of ESPN wrote in his article that Mavericks head coach, Rick Carlisle, might have some issues about Parsons becoming a franchise player for the team.

“However, Parsons and his inner circle have expressed concerns about whether Carlisle has confidence that Parsons can be a franchise player and is willing to give him the freedoms and responsibilities players of that ilk typically receive. Those doubts are fueled in part by occasional crunch-time benchings this season, “MacMahon reported.

So if Parsons would like to become a franchise player, deciding to return to the Rockets might not be the best option for him. He will be once again overshadowed by one of the league’s top scorers, James Harden.

And for that matter, if Chandler Parsons is still considering a reunion with the Rockets, then he better accepts the likelihood of becoming the second man in the team. Parsons should then start seeing himself in a situation similar to Stephen Curry-Klay Thompson team up or Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook duo if he decided to return to the Rockets.

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