NBA Rumors: Warriors defeated ’95-96 Bulls in a game, 131-105; Scottie Pippen’s claim of a series sweep debunked?

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While the NBA rumors are focused on some issues of players off the court, former NBA player Scottie Pippen claims that the Chicago Bulls will simply sweep the 2014-2015 NBA champion team Golden State Warriors, if they would be facing each other in the playoffs.

This is a claim that is tough to prove, especially that the Golden State has dominated the league this year losing only eight games over their past 76 games in the regular season.

Some NBA fans might think that such claim is preposterous, especially with the current team standing and roster issues of the Bulls. However, such claim was not referring to the current Bulls’ franchise in the league.

The very confident statement came from former Bulls star forward Scottie Pippen, claiming that the ’96 Bulls would sweep the Golden State and even giving the reigning league’s MVP, Stephen Curry, a hard time.

Such statement coming from a former Bulls is not surprising at all. Pippen’s former teammate, Dennis Rodman, likewise gave a comment regarding the Golden State and their campaign to beat the 1995-96 Bulls’ regular-season wins record. And as expected, they all favored their own team and era over the current NBA sensation.

“People say they’re going to go 72-10, I don’t care. They can go 81-1. We did it first,” Rodman said via CBS Sports.

The previous comment of Rodman and the recent claim of Pippen would somehow be impossible to be proven. However, with the ingenuity of CBS Sports’ Zach Harper, he managed to set a game last year between ’95-96 Bulls and ’15-16 Warriors, by using the latest technology of 2k simulation.

“Since we don’t yet have access to time machines, there are only two ways to settle a debate about whether a team from the present could take down a team from the past. You can either run a simulation on computer models or you can take it straight to NBA 2K16 and watch it play out for real … sort of. The Warriors, despite playing in Chicago, cruised to a 131-105 victory,” Harper reported.

Answering the question of most NBA fans on who is the best team between the Warriors of today and the Bulls of yesterday is quite impossible to determine and we are only left with speculations. There is less of a point comparing who’s best, for what matters most is that both eras have given their best to reach the level they are [were] in the league.

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