NBA Rumors: Warriors to let go of Harrison Barnes, Mavericks the receiving end

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Harrison Barnes, Barnes, Golden State Warrior
FanDuel Insider 1/16: Harrison Barnes could start Saturday- by FanDuel/ Youtube Channel

The future of the Golden State Warriors entering the playoffs is crystal clear. However, though the team’s future has been assured of a spot, some of its members are being threatened to lose one. Harrison Barnes is one of the candidates that the Warriors could let go come his free agency status according to NBA rumor mill.

Though Barnes was a key player in the much talked about season campaign of the Warriors, his previous performances might cost him his spot in current NBA’s most dominant team.  Based on CSN Bay Area’s report:

“He is shooting 30 percent (12 of 30) over his last six games, including 0-of-12 beyond the arc. Over his last 10 games, the 6-foot-8 forward is shooting 43.7 percent overall, 13 percent beyond the arc.”

Barnes is cognizant of his current play and the lack of timing inside the court. But since he already allegedly refused a contract extension worth $64 million for four years. Barnes knows that with this horrible game he has now, his spot in the Warriors is not just the one being jeopardized, also his entire NBA career is at stake if he cannot get back to the Barnes that the Warriors cheered for earlier this season.

“The wide-open layups, that’s the most frustrating part. Three-point jump shots, that’s one thing. But when you’re missing the bunnies, that’s when you’re just sitting there, like, ‘Are you serious?’” Barnes via CSN Bay Area emphasized.

It will surely be a challenge for Harrison Barnes to step up his game to lure possible big time NBA deal or to let presently interested team increase their bid for his service. It is now being rumored that Dallas Mavericks may be willing to take in Barnes agree with their small man ball game.

“The thought process: Target a two-way small forward such as Harrison Barnes or Nicolas Batum during the summer to add some size and versatility to the lineup. If they successfully hit on Plan A in free agency — and you don’t have to tell Mavs fans just how big an if that is after the last four years — good luck trying to stop Dallas from lighting up the scoreboard,” Tim MacMahon of ESPN speculated.

If indeed true that Mavs has been eyeing Barnes for their gameplay, then Barnes should let Mavericks front office realize once more the reason they [Dallas] tried considering him in the first place.

Photo Courtesy: FanDuel/ Youtube

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