NBA Trade Rumors: Nerlens Noel to GSW in exchange for either Draymond Green or Andre Iguodala

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NBA trade rumors
Photo courtesy: Patriarca12/Wikimedia Commons

The  2016-17 NBA season is just a matter of days away from commencing but the NBA trade rumors are still spreading like wildfire. Nerlens Noel of the Philadelphia 76ers is now being rumored to be involved in a possible trade with powerhouse team, the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors came off big this offseason when they convinced superstar Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunder to join their roster this summer.

Although NBA trade rumors have it that the Warriors are targeting Noel in exchange for either Draymond Green or Andre Iguodala, according to an article by Chatt Sports Net, the president of the 76ers, Bryan Colangelo, told in previous statements that the Noel trade is still unsure at this point.

Colangelo pointed out that Noel still has extension matters to deal with before the Oct. 31 deadline in order for the big man to become a restricted agent by the end of the NBA season.

According to Inquisitr, Noel would do great things with the Warriors if the trade will pursue. Noel would definitely provide Golden State great defense under the basket and also a player who would not hesitate to score if given the opportunity. In short, Noel is a young, talented, defense-oriented player who can be successful even without holding the ball.

Meanwhile, the rumored deal between the two teams would give an advantage for the Warriors but wouldn’t be worthwhile for the 76ers. Why? In terms of attitude and youth, certainly, Noel fits the role that Green and Iguodala lack.

Photo courtesy: Patriarca12/Wikimedia Commons

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