NBA Trade Rumors: New York Knicks to let go of Carmelo Anthony

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The New York Knicks are in danger of not making the NBA Playoffs this season with their current standing and performance.. Even with the presence of a promising rookie Kristaps Porzingis and Knicks star player Carmelo Anthony, fell short in his another attempt to reach the finals.

For years being out of the playoffs and relatively unsuccessful regular seasons, one cannot help but ask what is wrong with the Knicks and what to do to make their team better. Carmelo thinks that recruiting other veteran players who already made a name in the past would be the best solution for their playoffs and title drought. However, some fans and even NBA legends have different perception regarding a viable solution.

Former players and NBA legends Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley think that for the Knicks to hit their target, they would have to remove Carmelo from the equation as part of the team’s long-term solution. It may sound very rough, but such advice was firmly established.

Though Barkley considers Carmelo as a great player, he does not see him as part of the long-term solution.

“He’s not, probably, because they’re not going to win in the next two or three years. I have no problem with that. I think [Carmelo’s] a hell of a player. They’re not going to win in his window. He’s on the downside. But you don’t know what you’re going to do in free agency. It’s a fluid situation.” Barkley stated via Complex Sports.

NBA legend Reggie Miller also advised that if “you can’t get rid of Carmelo, Carmelo has to get rid of himself.”

The reality which both Barkley and Miller pointed out may be hard to swallow, but they do make some sense. As what most critics would say, it was not a good decision for the Knicks to give Carmelo a $124 million five-year contract, much more a no-trade clause to accompany it.

In retrospect, what experts are trying to say, Carmelo will not be part of the long-term solution of the New York Knicks, especially that he is almost beyond his prime and he will soon face the downside of his game. The idea of trading him would be best for the team, now that he still has value and other teams still consider him as a possible asset.

And with all these ideas of long term solution being expressed, will the next finally let go of Carmelo Anthony or will Carmelo himself voluntarily move out from Madison Square Garden?

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