New PlayStation 4.5 coming this year?

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PlayStation is back, and this time with a rumored new hardware, an upgraded version of the current PlayStation 4 console. It called PlayStation 4.5 or PS 4.5.

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4.5 is rumored to have a GPU that is twice as powerful as the current PlayStation 4 GPU, that’s a lot of processing power. The PlayStation 4.5 rumors were first originated from Neogaf user OsirisBlack. The Neogaf users state that his information comes from a meeting he attended recently.

OsirisBlack’s recent post on the forum site Neogaf has been carefully verified and checked by head moderator Bish before being approved and published on the site, but this doesn’t really mean that the rumor is already true. OsirisBlack is well considered as someone who could actually have the first-hand access to the information provided, this makes a hot guy in the PS rumors.

The most prominent rumors about the upcoming PS 4.5 speculate that it will include an improved GPU (Graphical Processing Unit), something more powerful and much faster one. Other includes a potentially big upgrade to the hardware’s CPU (Central Processing Unit). OsirisBlack said that the GPU for the PS4.5 will be twice as powerful as the current PS4 GPU. But the exact speed number wasn’t revealed, not even the clock speed.

In the Neogaf post, OsirisBlack states that the price of Sony’s ‘upgraded’ console is currently $399.99. This is in line with our earlier post regarding the price and release date of the PS4.5. OsirisBlack believes that there is a better CPU for the console and now being readied, which could have an impact on the console’s price. The user didn’t provide any information about the release date, hence, tentative “late Q1 2017” was provided.

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