NFL Rumors: Brandon LaFell to Bengals a done deal; Fans caught with mixed reactions

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Brandon LaFell, LaFell
LaFell, Brandon from Wikimedia- now rumored to sign with Bengals

There seems to be no stopping the NFL rumors connecting Brandon LaFell to the Cincinnati Bengals. The former New England Patriots wide receiver is being rumored to be signing with Bengals soon. Details of the report were highlighted by Yesterday morning Mike Florio of NBC Sports speculated that Bengals signing LaFell is close.

“Per a league source, the Bengals and Brandon LaFell are closing in on striking a deal that would place the veteran wideout in Cincinnati,” the report of Florio said.

This rumored signing of the 29-year-old wide receiver LaFell, with the Bengals, somehow makes sense especially that the Bengals experienced a depletion in their receiving department via free agency. And such event can be accounted to the departure of Mohamed Sanu to the Atlanta Falcons and Marvin Jones to the Detroit Lions.

This seems to be a great news for LaFell, especially after the New England Patriots decided to sever their ties with the receiver who struggled the past season due to an injury. LaFell’s performance with the Patriots was vital to the successful campaign of the Patriots winning the Super Bowl 49.

Coming from a champion team, the addition of Brandon LaFell in the Bengals would benefit the team, not to mention their upcoming Draft, which could somehow deepen their roster.

With the move of LaFell closing in as insiders would speculate, the confidence coming from a recent success can be a significant factor as he would try to fill in the role of relatively young players who left for other teams.

However, even though the signing of LaFell with the Cincinnati Bengals is not yet final, some fans cannot help but comment on its looming possibility. Their feedbacks of the rumored deal between LaFell and the Bengals centered on missed opportunities due to some drops, but still others consider LaFell’s addition as something good, while acknowledging his contribution to the recent Patriots’ success.

Photo Courtesy: Whiskeytango88/ Wikimedia

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