NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys sticking with Dak Prescott as starter, could trade Tony Romo

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Tony Romo (Photo Courtesy: efohbe/Flickr)

There is growing belief within the Dallas Cowboys camp that rookie quarterback Dak Prescott should remain the starter even if Tony Romo returns from his back injury. There are even NFL rumors that the Cowboys are better off trading the veteran quarterback and that they should stick with Prescott this season and for the long-term.

One NFL analyst shared his thoughts about the Prescott vs. Romo debate in an article for Sporting News.

Jeff Diamond, who happens to be a former NFL executive, recommends that Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett must be the one to decide on who the starting QB is in Dallas and that Jerry Jones, the owner and general manager of the team, should not have a say.

“Despite all Romo has done for the Cowboys over his 14-year career, the NFL is about the present. A coach has to decide what he thinks is best for the team, carries the most weight in the locker room and gives his team the most upside in the current season, even if it’s a rookie over an established vet,” Diamond, who won the NFL Executive of the Year in 1998, wrote in the article.

In recent statements, Jones said that they are still sticking with Romo as the starter for the team when he comes back. The tone in Dallas is, of course, changing with Prescott killing it as the starting QB—the Dallas Cowboys are 5-1 so far this season and surprisingly leads the NFC East.

Tony Romo to Denver Broncos rumors

Now, there are even talks and rumors that the Cowboys may consider trading Romo since Prescott has shown he can be a legit starter in the NFL—even if he is just in his rookie season. A number of teams have been linked to Romo’s name, including the defending Super Bowl champions Denver Broncos.

According to the latest injury report on Romo, team doctors have confirmed that the fracture on Romo’s back has healed and that the veteran is working his way back into game shape.

Dak Prescott starter, Tony Romo back-up

Diamond continued in his article that he “fully expects Garrett to keep Prescott as his starter” assuming he remains healthy and keeps his level of play.

But would that send the wrong message to Romo, who has been Dallas’ QB for years? Would it be better for the Dallas Cowboys to avoid the Romo vs. Prescott distraction and just trade one of their quarterbacks?

Photo Courtesy: efohbe/Flickr

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