NFL Rumors: Depressed Tony Romo anticipating trade after the season

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Tony Romo (Photo Courtesy: efohbe/Flickr)

Tony Romo has talked to the media for the first time since his return from an injury. Romo sounded depressed in some moments during a press conference, where he addressed “potential successor” Dak Prescott and the NFL rumors that his time in Dallas is over.

The previous starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys addressed the QB situation in Dallas and admitted that Prescott, a rookie, is now the man under center for the Cowboys maybe not just this season but also for the next few years.

Romo talked about the back injury he suffered during preseason and said it was difficult for him to suffer through it knowing the Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders this year.

“To say the first half of this season has been emotional would be a huge understatement. Getting hurt when you feel like you have the best team you’ve ever had was a soul-crushing moment for me. Then to learn it’s not three or four weeks [recovery] but 10 or 12 is another blow and through it all you have a tremendous amount of guilt,” Romo stated.

“On having let your teammates, fans and organization down. After all, they’re depending on you to bring them a championship. That’s what quarterbacks are supposed to do. That’s how we’re judged. I loved that. I still do.”

Romo also admitted that Prescott could be a “potential successor” in Dallas after years of leading the team. Romo was the starting QB for Dallas from 2006 to 2015 but Prescott has led the Cowboys to a league-best 8-1 record so far.

“Then here you are, sidelined, without any real ability to help your teammates win on the field. That’s when you’re forced to come face-to-face with what’s happening. Seasons are fleeting,” Romo added.

“Games become more precious. Chances for success diminish. Your potential successor has arrived, [you’re] injured two years in a row and now you’re in your mid-30s. The press is whispering, everyone has doubts, you’re spent your career working to get here, now we have to start all over. You almost feel like an outsider.”

Romo also stated that he is supporting the team even though he is just a back-up now. He promised not to be a distraction for the team as they compete for a Super Bowl title this season.

From the press conference, it looks like Tony Romo is anticiapating a trade from the Dallas Cowboys after the season. There are already NFL rumors of the veteran leaving Dallas by offseason and if Prescott leads the Cowboys to a Super Bowl title, those trade speculations will ramp up by next year.

Photo Courtesy: efohbe/Flickr

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