NFL Rumors: Philadelphia Eagles pick Jalen Ramsey, Eagles in need of cornerback

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With the NFL draft, just a stone throw away, it cannot be helped that the NFL rumors would likewise coexist with the upcoming draft schedules and preparations. And the rumor mill speculates the move of Philadelphia Eagles possibly targeting Jalen Ramsey.

According to Bleeding Green Nation, the Eagles may pursue the cornerback of Florida State Seminoles, Jalen Ramsey over the other rumored candidate, quarterback Carson Wentz.

“But, do they need to pick Wentz as their first round overall pick? The answer is NO. Our sources are indicating that the Eagles are interested in moving up to take Florida State DB Jalen Ramsey and not Wentz.”

There is a need for the Eagles to address the concern for their defensive backfield, as they have traded Byron Maxwell recently and JaCorey Shepherd may not still be in 100 percent shape coming from injury. With all the reasons mentioned, the Eagles has found itself in need of a second cornerback opposite to Eric Rowe.

On a separate article of SB Nation’s BGN, it highlighted Jalen Ramsey on the number spot at the cornerback position that the Eagles should focus on. The report emphasized the athleticism and aggressiveness of Ramsey as possible CB for the Eagles if he falls to eight. Ben Natan of BGN reported that:

“This is the one player that will be out of the Eagles’ reach, even at pick number 8. Ramsey is probably the best defensive player in this class and has All Pro potential at any position in a defensive backfield.

Ramsey has an outstanding blend of size and athletic ability paired with a physical, aggressive playing style. He has the length and physicality to dominate in press, but the recognition skills and explosive athletic ability to play off. He is as versatile as players come and it would be a no brainer to pick him if he falls to eight.”

But still, though Jalen Ramsey is the speculated to be the top pick as a CB for the Eagles, they may still catch their chance for other substantial talents suitable for the cornerback position if Ramsey will not be available. Vernon Hargreaves, Mackenzie Alexander, and Eli Apple are among the top options for the Philadelphia Eagles this 2016 NFL draft.

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