NFL Rumors: Tony Romo retirement, Dallas Cowboys QB days numbered, Tony Romo trade possibilities; Joe Theismann speaks up

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NFL rumors have swelled, swirling around American football quarterback Tony Romo since his major injury. There have been hushed discussions going around the league ranging from the dangers of his injury to a possible Tony Romo trade, that even retirement is now not too far-fetched.

Tony Romo is still recovering from the sidelines after sustaining a back injury during the preseason. There’s no exact date yet on when he’ll return, but it may not be too long as CT scans and other tests return with positive results.

“We’re getting closer,” offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said in a report by ESPN. “I don’t know the exact time, but we’re getting closer to him. I know that.”

NFL rumors dwell on a possibility that the Cowboys may make Dak Prescott their starter instead of a physically unstable Tony Romo.

On his physical condition, Joe Theismann thinks he should retire.

“I don’t think Tony Romo should ever play football again. I fear for his safety.  I go all the way back to the play he got hurt on. The one play he got hurt on in the preseason. And it didn’t look like to me, he could get out of harm’s way and with the speed and size and the nature of our game and the men that play it if you can’t protect yourself it’s just a matter of time till you get injured.” Joe Theismann said in a report by NBCDFW.

Joe Theismann has been injured himself back in ’85 so he’s talking more about an experience and concern for Tony Romo. “Remember that collarbone hasn’t been tested.  We’re just talking about a back right now…which by the way, has gone through the third problems that they’ve had.” Joe Theismann added.

NFL rumors are strife on whether Romo could be back 100% from his injury. Meanwhile, whether due to retirement or a Tony Romo trade, some believe his days with the Cowboys are nevertheless numbered.

On possible Tony Romo trade options, a report by suggests there are five teams where he could land on in 2017: Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, and the San Francisco 49ers.

With all the injuries he’s had, perhaps, instead of a Tony Romo trade, he should call it a career and work in some other capacity with the Cowboys? NFL rumors speculate.

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