NFL Rumors: Tony Romo trade to Denver Broncos discussed

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Tony Romo (Photo Courtesy: efohbe/Flickr)

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo could land with the defending Super Bowl champions Denver Broncos, according to latest NFL rumors.

One sports site wonders if it’s better for the Cowboys to trade the 36-year-old Romo, who has suffered injuries in recent seasons, to a team like the Broncos and stick with rookie QB Dak Prescott under center for the rest of the 2016 NFL regular season.

“The primary question is should Romo get his job back when he’s cleared to return to the field? Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones has hedged in recent weeks though Prescott has made it clear that this is Romo’s team,” Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports stated in his latest piece.

“The other question is if Prescott is the present and the future in Dallas, should the Cowboys think about trading Romo?”

Wilson was reacting to an article by The Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla, who contends that the Broncos are not winning back-to-back Super Bowls with Trevor Siemian under center this season.

Kiszla’s trade suggestion is to get Romo from Dallas and make him the starting QB for the team.

“If Lynch isn’t ready to start, Siemian has the natural skill set of a backup quarterback and the Broncos firmly believe they can win the Super Bowl, wouldn’t exploring a trade for Romo make sense?” Kiszla stated.

“Although the Broncos are in the neighborhood of $10 million under the salary cap, Romo’s cap number of $20 million would require serious financial gymnastics to make a deal. But that’s why capologists get paid big bucks.”

The Broncos want to defend their NFL title and getting Romo, who could be playing in his final years but is still very good experienced quarterback, could help them in another Super Bowl run.

Photo Courtesy: efohbe/Flickr

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