Knicks President Phil Jackson moving back to L.A. Lakers

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With the current team standing of the New York Knicks and the likelihood of them not entering the playoffs, fans are getting impatient for significant results. Perhaps due to frustration, Knicks fans are losing trust in Phil Jackson’s capacity to stop NBA title drought as the Knicks’ current team president. And agree with those reports, rumors of Phil Jackson moving back to L.A Lakers has started to surface the web as well.

According to the article by Matt Moore of CBSSports, Lakers could stick with Byron Scott for one more year as they await for the return of the Zen Master and former L.A coach Phil Jackson. The report was based on a social media post made by Howard Beck of Bleacher Report.

“Theory floating around the league: Lakers keep Byron 1 more year, for when Phil opts out and returns to L.A. and wants to pick the coach,” Beck speculated.

L.A reporter Eric Pincus likewise affirmed on hearing such rumor lurking in the background. However, there is no real evidence to support such speculation, thus making projected scenario less likely to come true.

And if such return to Lakers will not be possible, then perhaps a separate rumor of Jackson coaching the Knicks the coming season would likely happen. However, this theoretical proposal seemed to be not welcome by some of the next players. Knicks star player Carmelo Anthony, in particular, expressed his idea about the proposed set-up.

Melo on Phil coaching only home games: ‘Nah, nah, nah. I don’t think that should be accepted. I wouldn’t accept that if that was the case,'” Frank Isola of New York Daily News shared.

As a response to the view of Melo about Jackson coaching their team, NBA fans also reminded Anthony of his place. “Someone needs to tell Melo it isn’t up to him to ‘accept’.  Last I saw he was being (over) paid to play,” said an NBA fan.

One cannot help but interpret these rumors and speculations as an indicator that fans are gradually losing faith in the magic touch of Phil Jackson, which led the Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers into many championships. However, despite the criticism and doubts cast upon Phil Jackson, Lakers’ star player Kobe Bryant defended his former coach.

“The people in New York need to trust the fact he knows more about the game than any of them put together,” Bryant stated via Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated.

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