NBA Rumors: Knicks ask Olajuwon to train Porzingis; Latvian rookie could skip Olympics qualifying tournament

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New York Knicks Kristaps Porzingis has been a forced to reckon with for the his team. However, in his previous games, NBA rumors suggest that Porzingis has hit the rookie wall. Thus, emphasizing the lack of NBA experience, but not the enthusiasm to learn. And for that matter, it has been suggested by circulating reports that Hakeem Olajuwon may train Porzingis during summer.

As a Knicks rookie, Porzingis manage to snatch three consecutive Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month Award from November to January this year, and many believe that he is poised to be the number one candidate for 2016 Rookie of the Year Award.

However, with his recent performance, it seems like the 7’3 Latvian player is still trying to overcome the rookie wall. Even his coach, Kurt Rambis, is conscious of the current struggle of Porzingis and the room for improvement.

“It’s developing NBA stamina. It’s difficult on all of the young players. He’s young, slight, there’s going to be things he uses to his advantage and also things players will use against him,” Rambis shared via NY Post.

“He’s the rare player who takes verbal instruction and puts it into physical actions. It’s frustration for everybody but I don’t see it changing attitude or mindset in anyway way, shape or form. He’s a competitor, a winner – that’s how he’s going to stay.”

Porzingis himself is cognizant of what is lacking in his performance. And as early as now he is already looking for someone to help him better his game. Aside from Carmelo Anthony whom he may consider as his mentor, the rookie is also checking for other former NBA players to hone his post game.

“I’ll try to find the right people to work with, to learn more and maybe an ex-NBA player who is really good in the post, somebody I can find who can help me with that. Put in the work come back next season better,” Porzingis stated via ProSports Daily.

With such notion of ex NBA player training Porzingis, Stefan Bondy of PSD, highlighted the contribution of Hakeem Olajuwon as a trainer for players wanting to develop their post game; and Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Kobe Bryant are some of the notable players whom Olajuwon worked with in the past.

Thus, leading to the idea that “The Dream” could mentor Porzingis to become a ‘bona fide’ NBA center player.

However, with such speculation of further training, the idea of Latvia seeing their NBA rookie playing for their national team may be thwarted, for Rambis and the Knicks franchise preferred that Porzingis skip the Olympic qualifiers or the Olympics.

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