NFL Rumors: Colin Kaepernick leaving 49ers still open, GM Baalke insisted on contract

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In the past weeks, NFL rumors pointed out to the possibility of San Francisco 49ers trading quarterback Colin Kaepernick. However, 49ers general manager Trent Baalke downplayed the speculations stating that no trade will likely occur. Thus, dismissing the possible departure of Kaepernick either to Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, or New York Jets, the teams which have been previously linked to the 49ers QB.

“I’ve had discussions with several teams and it’s gone no further than that, as the agents have had several discussions (with teams).  We’re nowhere near getting anything done at this point. What we told them was that they were open to exploring options. But our intent was for him to be back and to go to work. He’s under contract and until that changes, our expectations don’t change,” Baalke emphasized during an NFL owners meetings via csnbayarea.

Such emphatic statement of GM Baalke is somehow inconsistent with their gesture of allowing a player to have some talks to other teams. One cannot help but ask why would they let such series of events take place and, in the end, holding Kaepernick to his contract.

“Because I think sometimes it helps players work through anything they may have. It gives them a chance to see what their options really are,” Baalke said in reply.

In the background of these swirling NFL rumor focusing on Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback is currently recuperating from his left shoulder and knee injuries. And if you will be asking the other concerned party about the trade rumors to Kaepernick, Denver Broncos coach has this to say:

“I can’t talk about him. He’s under contract with another team, so I can’t talk about him…We can’t discuss him because he’s under contract with another team.”

The statement and replies being released from concerning parties are quite enigmatic if examined thoroughly. Guess we would just have to wait and see for further updates and where this NFL rumor of Colin Kaepernick will take us. And with this downplaying of the trade rumors created by Baalke, would he use it to deal silently with their quarterback in the coming months?

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