Tennis News: Andy Roddick doesn’t think Novak Djokovic can catch up with Roger Federer in total Grand Slam wins

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Mar 24, 2016; Key Biscayne, FL, USA; Roger Federer speaks at a press conference on day three of the Miami Open at Crandon Park Tennis Center. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Former tennis pro Andy Roddick thinks that Roger Federer’s lead, in total Grand Slam wins, over Novak Djokovic is “significant” though he believes that the latter has the momentum on his side in trying to beat out the Swiss Maestro’s claim to being the “greatest player in the sport.

Roddick was non-committal when asked about which player will take the “GOAT” crown in tennis history.

“It’s like wanting to compare movies and having not watched the last 20 percent of the great movies,” Roddick said in a press conference.

“Right now if you just look at numbers, Roger is obviously there. I think five Slams clear (ahead of Djokovic) is significant. But Novak’s obviously trending. He’s the greatest right now.”

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Roddick also added that he’s impressed with Djokovic and the late play in his career that put him in the conversation for being the greatest of all time in the sport.

“Roger will be the first to tell you he’s not currently the best player in the world. So we’re kind of trying to predict the end, which is kind of tough,” Roddick added.

“I think it’s really exciting that it’s a realistic conversation to have. It’s a realistic question to ask: Where do you think he’ll fall in the line-up? It’s a testament to (Djokovic) that he’s kind of forced his way into the conversation.”

Roddick, who has won one Grand Slam title in his career (2003 US Open), is retired from the sport since 2012 but has been playing in some doubles tournament in 2015.

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The race for the greatest in tennis looks like it’s down to Roger Federer, who has a total of 17 Grand Slams while Novak Djokovic has 12 so far in his career. The 34-year-old Federer, who has struggled with injuries this season, is in the twilight of his career while the 29-year-old Djokovic is still in his prime.

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