WWE News: Goldberg return could force company to bring these superstars back

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Photo courtesy: Aaron Burden/Wikipedia

Bill Goldberg, or Goldberg made his WWE return this Monday Night RAW on October 17, 2016 forcing the entire World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) universe to go crazy. This has even highlighted in RAW’s TV ratings for this week, encouraging the company to consider the return of several of its former superstars.

WWE RAW gathered a total of 3.13 million views in the Goldberg return episode of Monday Night RAW. This was way over the 2.75 million viewers who tuned in to watch the company’s flagship show the week before. This has shown encouraging signs to the company creative, who feels that bringing in occasional superstars from the company’s past will help increase the ever decreasing TV ratings, as reported by cagesideseats.

Fans of WWE will know that there is nothing better than to hear nostalgic entrance music of a former superstar pop up during an event. The same was applicable for the Goldberg return this week.

Some of the inside sources within the company are claiming that this has forced the top dogs of the WWE creative to consider the returns of some huge names from the past, according to Fox Sports.

Here is a list of 5 former WWE superstars whom the company could consider bringing back in order to help with the regular TV ratings.

1) Kurt Angle

There was nothing which pumped up the WWE crowd more than to listen to the “Medal” entrance theme of Kurt Angle hit the speakers of the arena. The 47-year-old wrestling veteran has revealed that he has been in contact with Triple H regarding a possible return to the company. Angle is still wrestling worthy and has repeatedly shown in the independent circuit of how well we will fit in the current roster

2) Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is a legend in the history of professional wrestling. There is indeed very few wrestlers in the business who has made high-risk taking an art form. Together with his brother Matt Hardy, Jeff delivered some of the most memorable matches in the history of the business. One cannot deny that their Table, Ladder and Chair (TLC) matches against the likes of The Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian will remain legendary.

3) Jim Ross

Although Mauro Ranallo has done a decent job of calling out matches in WWE recently, no one can replace the voice of the good old Jim Ross (JR). The man is known as the voice who won The Monday Night Wars. His epic “Stone Cold, Stone Cold” cry will forever remain in the ears of the faithful viewers. Bringing the 64-year-old back would do enormous good to the commentary team of both RAW and SmackDown.

4) AJ Lee

With the recent women’s wrestling revolution in the company, AJ Lee would be the perfect fit. It’s sad that Lee did not arrive in the company 5 years later than she did. She was the original spark in the women’s wrestling revolution which the company is riding on today.

5) CM Punk

One could only imagine the reaction if CM Punk’s music, “Cult of Personality” hits the speakers within a WWE arena. The entire wrestling world would go crazy, given the wrestler’s volatile relationship with Vince McMahon. However, since Punk has been very vocal about his ugly breakup with the wrestling promotion, his return may not be happening anytime soon.

Photo courtesy: Aaron Burden/Wikipedia

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