WWE Rumors: Jeff Hardy WWE return not happening next year

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Jeff Hardy (Photo Courtesy: Mike Kalasnik/Flickr)

The TNA deal of Jeff Hardy is set to expire in February 2017 but he might not be returning to WWE just yet. In a recent interview, Jeff revealed that he is enjoying his current run in TNA. However, he still interested in wrestling The Undertaker in a WrestleMania match.

Jeff Hardy on returning to WWE

“People always ask Matt and I if we’ll ever go back to WWE, but we are having such a good time with this creative liberty in TNA. We’re able to do what we want to do. The show is built around us, and that’s something that makes me really proud,” Jeff told Sports Illustrated.

The 39-year-old superstar is currently having the time of his life in TNA. He and his brother are having creative freedom which makes their new characters over with a lot of fans. The Broken Hardy brothers are keeping the company alive.

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The Charismatic Enigma still wants The Undertaker in a WrestleMania match

“Up until I re-signed for another year in 2015, I had wanted to return to WWE. I wanted to wrestle Undertaker at a Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania,” Jeff said.

“‘Taker is just the man. He is the locker room leader that everybody looks up to in wrestling. If you watch the way he wrestles, you can learn so much. His entrance is just chilling,” he added.

Jeff Hardy vs. The Undertaker in a WrestleMania match will surely sell tickets. It is still a possibility for WrestleMania 34 and 35, especially if The Undertaker is able to maintain his health. He recently underwent hip surgery to prolong his career even more.


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Besides talking about a WWE return, Jeff Hardy also promoted his new EP titled “Spawn of Me.” It features a song called “Irreversible” which is about Jeff’s fear of being diagnosed with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE.

Photo Courtesy: Mike Kalasnik/Flickr

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