WWE Rumors : The Undertaker next in line for Goldberg following his annihilation of Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series 2016

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WWE Rumors: The Undertaker, Triple H is not included on the draft night?
The WWE has laid out the rules and guidelines for the draft that will mark the brand split and rumors are swirling that The Undertaker together with Triple H and other superstars were not also included which means they could show up in both brands as they wish to.

Bill Goldberg’s WWE comeback took a rather interesting and unusual turn as a potential match with The Undertaker may be among WWE’s plans for next year’s big event.

Goldberg will wrestle again. That was made clear when he took care of Brock Lesnar in less than two minutes at Survivor Series 2016.

The professional wrestling organization would not book Goldberg in such a short and one-sided squash if he was not going to wrestle at least one more match. And among the potential and lucrative matchup would be against The Undertaker. Forbes reports that the potential match could take place at Wrestlemania 33, which will happen on April 2, 2017.

According to the Inquisitr, the Bill Goldberg/Brock Lesnar feud may extend beyond a single match. And that is only one of the potential options. With Lesnar’s recent loss at Survivor Series, Goldberg could face The Undertaker in a blockbuster match. It could lead to a potential three-way feud with Goldberg, Undertaker and Lesnar.

The outlet notes that the Goldberg vs. Undertaker match can only happen depending on the public reception of the Lesnar match. And given how anti-climactic the fight was, the Goldberg vs. Undertaker may not happen. Speculations are rife, however, that WWE set the Goldberg vs. Lesnar as a prelude to its biggest card yet.

It is also possible that Goldberg is reserving his strength given his age. While the 49-year-old former WCW champion looked impressive in his return match in WWE, a prolonged match could result in a possible injury, and WWE definitely does not want that.

Rumors are also rife that The Undertaker is on his way to retirement. With reports that he had undergone hip surgery, a final fight with Goldberg would serve as a perfect farewell match for the WWE.

Fans will find that out in due time, and Goldberg will compete in WWE at least one more time. Perhaps it will happen at Wrestlemania 33 and his next feud could kick off as soon as on this week’s Raw.

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