Abby Wambach enters guilty plea, avoids jail time

Abby Wambach appeared in court and entered a guilty plea to her DUI charges.

Abby Wambach, through her lawyer, entered a guilty plea Tuesday before the judge Steven Todd. She also agreed to enroll in a diversion program that would erase all charges if she is successful in one year time.

Oregon Live reported that the 35-year old Wambach was personally present during her arraignment at the Multnomah County Court for driving under the influence of intoxicants. After entering the plea, Judge Todd advised Wambach, who is a first-time offender, to complete a drug and alcohol assessment and treatment. She was also told to install a device in her car requiring her to blow into a tube while sober to start the car and abstain from drinking alcohol.

After the sentencing, Wambach together with her lawyer, Ben Eder, immediately left the court and refused to give any statements and reactions to the sentenced handed down by the judge.

TMZ reported that Wambach’s court attendance stemmed from her arrest on April 2 after she was pulled over by authorities for beating the red light. Police administered a sobriety test and a breathalyzer test in which she was found with an alcohol level of .13 which is way above the regulated .08 percent.

After the incident, Wambach wrote on her Facebook account apologizing to her family, friends, fans and to people who looked up to her. She vowed to take full responsibility for her actions and promised never to get into trouble with the law again.

Before her retirement, Wambach played twice for the United States in the women’s soccer team in the Olympics and saw action four times in the FIFA World Cup. Altogether, Abby played in 30 matches and scored 22 goals at these five global tournaments.

Along with her U.S. teammates, Wambach won two Olympic gold medals, finished third twice at the Women’s World Cup, finished second at the 2011 World Cup, and won the 2015 Women’s World Cup.

Photo Courtesy: Hmlarson/Wikimedia

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