Amidst Brussels terror attacks, Vincent Kompany calls on countrymen to ‘reject hate’

After the three supposed terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium, national soccer team captain Vincent Kompany told his countrymen to stay vigilant and to “reject hate.”

Kompany made the call in the wake of three terrorist attacks that rock the capital city of Belgium Monday. According to reports, two bombs exploded at Brussels International Airport while another bomb exploded near the EU building within the inner city. According to CNN, ISIS has already claimed responsibility for the incident which was their counter to the arrest of an alleged member, who was arrested by authorities, in connection with the Paris bombings.

Kompany in his social media account posted that they are “horrified and revolted” with the incident that claimed 34 lives. He called on the Belgians to “act with dignity” despite hurting following attacks.

“Horrified and revolted. Innocent people paying the price again. My thoughts are with the families of the victims…I wish Brussels to act with dignity. We are all hurting, yet we must reject hate and its preachers. As hard as it may be,” Kompany stated.

Despite the ISIS claim, authorities are still conducting thorough investigation on the “coordinated attacks” as they got hold of surveillance footage of possible suspects behind the attack inside the airport. Authorities believed that there were three men who carried out the attacks, but luckily the third bomb have not exploded that could have resulted to an increase in casualties.

It was also learned that a taxi driver has tipped investigators that he drove the three alleged suspects and gave them the address where he dropped them off. Investigators are now looking into the said report.

TMZ stated that the Belgian National soccer team has cancelled it’s training, which is part of their preparations for a match against Portugal in Brussels next week. The game is stated to go on as scheduled and the Portuguese officials have been in close contact with the Belgian authorities to discuss the security preparations prior to the match.

Photo Courtesy: Mike Serigrapher/Wikimedia

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