Argentina vs Venezuela : Copa America quarterfinals highlights

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Argentina v Venezuela
Photo courtesy: Selección Argentina/Twitter

Argentina and Lionel Messi is back on the field again, this time for the Copa America quarterfinals. They will be facing Venezuela who has managed to eke out a single winning goal for all of the qualifying games. This is a first quarterfinals for Venezuela since 2011.

Meanwhile, Argentina is hoping that this is their year. After a two years in a row finishing second, their team is more than ready to prove they are the best.

Higuain for Argentina 2-0!

Lionel Messi starts for the team and is onto the ball early. Meanwhile, Venezuela is onto him as well. After ushering the ball into goal territory, Messi sees Higuain in position and sends him the ball. Higuain goes for the ball and scores for Argentina at the 8th minute mark!

After his first goal, Higuain goes for a second one courtesy of Gonzalez’ back-pass and gets past Venezuela’s goalkeeper to a wide open net for the second goal of the night!

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Missed Penalty for Seijas

At the 42nd minute, Romero challenges Martinez which lands the Venezuelan on the ground. The referee finally awards them a deserved penalty kick but Seijas’ move is easily read and Romero corrects the penalty he created.

Third’s the Charm for Lionel Messi

Finally, Lionel Messi goes for the goal at 60! A historic moment for man as he sends in his 54th international goal and ties with Gabriel Batistuta for the most number of goals for Argentina. With his goal, Messi also lands himself as the no. 1 scorer in Copa America with 4 goals.

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Argentina v Venezuela 4-1

After Messi sends his goal, Venezuela’s Salomon Rondon finally sends a header and creates a goal for Venezuela. But Argentina’s Messi assists beautifully for Lamela to send another goal for the team. Not a lot of celebrating for Venezuela on that one.

As Argentina keeps the possession of the ball, they’re heading straight for a collision with US MNT.

Photo courtesy: Selección Argentina/Twitter

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