Copa America 2016: Mexico vs Chile quarterfinal highlights

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Mexico vs Chile
Photo courtesy: Copa América 2016/Twitter

We’re on the last quarterfinal match with a Mexico vs Chile for the centennial Copa America. Between Copa America 2016’s defending champions Chile and at-home Mexico, their quarterfinals match is just as thrilling as Argentina’s.

Mexico owned the crowd and played like they had home field advantage at every match. Meanwhile, defending champions Chile defied time zones and fatigue as they played relentlessly for an entry to the top 8.

Will Chicharito and Mexico remain unbeaten in their Copa America run? Or will Chile keep a stronghold on their path to a Copa America title defense?

Puch Starts and Ends for Chile

At the 16th minute mark, Chile’s Puch rises up to the task of rebounding after La Roja’s initial swipe at the goal. He makes his mark again at the 87th minute and sends Chile to the semifinals!

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Vidal Gets Booked for a Yellow

Vidal challenges Duenas but miscues. He lies on the ground for a while but the referee’s yellow card for him is as clear as a sunrise. He will miss Chile’s semifinals match.

Vargas for the Haul

Puch goes for the goal as Beausejour entrusts the ball to him but Guardado boxes Puch out. He sends it instead in Vargas’ direction. From the six yard mark, Vargas sends the ball flying and ends halftime with a goal for the team!

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Vargas was as lethal as he was clinical as he sets foot near the six-yard box and sends his third goal for the night! Not backing down after his hat trick, Vargas goes for the goal again at the 74th minute mark and brings home the goal and a haul for himself with 4 goals.

Mexico vs Chile 0-7

As the second half started, Chile presses Mexico for the ball and goes not for one but four goals. Here’s a roundup of the goals made. At the 49th mark, Vidal sets the play as Sanchez does a clinical sendoff for the net.

As Mexico struggles and commits mistakes, Vargas gets on a roll of sending goals one after the other, ending up with 4 goals for himself.

Chile will face Colombia in the semifinals of the 2016 Copa America on June 22.

Photo courtesy: Copa América 2016/Twitter

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