Copa America 2016: US MNT scared of Ecuador?

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Copa America 2016 is on the cusp of a thrilling quarterfinals with US MNT and Ecuador. As Group A’s top team heads out to face Ecuador, coach Jurgen Klinsmann expressed uneasiness at facing Ecuador at their next match.

Klinsmann may have reason to fear as Ecuador’s squad is made up of top footballers who has made headlines in European football leagues. From Antonio Valencia to nifty Enner Valencia and Jaime Ayovi, Ecuador has goalscorers who deliver when Ecuador needs it.

Meanwhile, aside from the tough opponents, US MNT will go to the quarterfinals without DeAndre Yedlin. During their match against Paraguay, their victory was bittersweet with the defender’s red card notice.

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“It’s a bummer that DeAndre cannot play, but I’m not worried because I know whoever plays instead of him will get his job done, will give everything he has,” coach Klinsmann said via ESPN.

There’s more to fear for coach Klinsmann as his team is sitting on a precarious position being booked left and right. Currently, the team has three defenders and midfielders with yellow cards on their heads.

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It includes the likeliest player to fill in Yedlin’s position, Michael Orozco. While coach Klinsmann has remained silent on his starting line, Orozco has said he’ll be doing the best that he can.

Aside from a team of determined players, US MNT will have full support as the host country plays in Seattle.

US MNT tasted defeat at their Copa America opening match against Colombia. However, it didn’t dampen their spirits. Instead, they moved on with a runaway defeat against Costa Rica. With a 1-0 record, they secured their spot at the top 8.

US MNT will look forward to stay longer in the tournament after breaking a 10-year drought for a Copa America quarterfinals.

Photo courtesy: U.S. Soccer/Twitter

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