Copa America 2016: USA vs Argentina semifinals highlights

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USA vs Argentina semifinals
Photo courtesy: Copa America 2016/Twitter

It’s a USA vs Argentina semifinals game for Copa America 2016 and the MetLife stadium went wild with cheer for their teams. Will US MNT’s Dempsey be able to set the play for his team or will Messi bring in the winning goal for Argentina?

Here are the highlights from the Copa America 2016: USA vs Argentina semifinals.

Argentina Opens with a Goal

3 minutes into the game and Argentina already scores courtesy of Ezequiel Lavezzi with an assist from Lionel Messi. Too early perhaps that US MNT was not able to do anything about it.

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Lionel Messi Breaks Batistuta

Batistuta’s record, that is. With his goal at the 32nd minute-mark, Lionel Messi has successfully broken Gabriel Batistuta’s long-standing record of 54 goals for Argentina. It marks Messi’s 55th international goal for his country and his first for their semi-finals game against US MNT. Messi’s current Copa America record shows he has sent in 8 of the 16 goals for Argentina on this centennial tournament.

Higuain for the Win

Gonzalo Higuain brings Argentina to the Finals with his 50th minute goal. He further seals the deal with his last minute goal in the 86th minute assisted by Messi. Aside from breaking Batistuta’s record, dependable Messi also secures the most number of assists on Copa 100.

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USA vs Argentina 0-4 Semifinals

Host country US MNT launched a good defense but Argentina’s elite team was on top of their game on the semifinals night. Scoring 4 goals with the first done within the first 3 minutes of the game, Argentina will be a force to deal with in the Copa America 2016 finals.

They will be waiting for the victor of the Colombia vs Chile game for finals.

Argentina will play for their Copa America 2016 title on June 26 at the MetLife Stadium.

Photo courtesy: Copa America 2016/Twitter

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