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David Beckham resigns from Victoria’s company, signs of trouble for power couple

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David Beckham

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are one of the most powerful sports celebrity couples in the world. They have been married for 17 wonderful years with four kids, Romeo, Brooklyn, Cruz and Harper.

But according to new reports, David and Victoria are allegedly ending their partnership. David has resigned as the director from Victoria’s fashion brand company. Radar Online reports that the football legend has stepped down as the director of Victoria Beckham Ltd in December 2014. He served as the director for six years.

So, is everything okay between the celebrity couple? Is there trouble in paradise? The year 2016 has already been a year of divorces and break ups.

A source close to the Beckham family told Daily Mail that their decision to re-structure their various businesses and separate their brands is largely due to an accounting issue.

“David and Victoria’s respective businesses have grown strongly in a short space of time,” the source said. “They are different businesses – DVBL is a licencing and partnership business, VBL is a luxury, fashion brand – and it makes little commercial sense for them to continue to be merged together and report combined figures.”

The statement confirms that the relationship between the Beckhams is good and any report of a rumored break-up is just speculation and overblown.

Meanwhile, Victoria will now single-handedly run her VBL label and David will handle his DB Ventures Limited. Both however, are directors of Beckham Brand Holdings Limited (BBHL), an umbrella company that is equally owned by David, Victoria and their long-time manager Simon Fuller.

“As a consequence of this reorganisation, David is no longer a director of VBL and Victoria is no longer a director of DBVL. Both David and Victoria are directors of BBHL, the holding company, and participate together in quarterly board meetings.”

Few days back Victoria shared a sweet snap of David sewing a tiny pink dress for Harper’s doll.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/David Beckham

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