David de Gea involved in a sex scandal?

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Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea has been allegedly linked to a sex scandal in Spain that puts his stay at the EURO 2016 in doubt.

A protected witness from the case of pornographer  Ignacio “Torbe”  Allende Fernández allegedly claimed that De Gea set her and another girl with two other Spanish players who were then under 21, including Iker Muniain of Athletic Bilbao for sexual relationships that is against her will last 2012 in a five-star hotel in Madrid.

According to the police report last June 2015, the two women were told by Torbe that they will have to do everything that the footballers want them to do so they could earn money.

When the two refused to do so, Trobe grabbed them by the arm and forced them to do what the footballers want them to do, and the two players sexually abused them and hurt them when they refused to do what the players told them to do.

After what happened, the football players allegedly threatened the two women so everything would stay between them, and Torbe kept all the money.

The witness also claimed that de Gea tried to set up a prostitute with his Manchester United teammates.

The Spanish investigators reportedly believe the evidence of the protected witness who is calledTP3” and two other women who have a “high degree of credibility.”

However, the Manchester United goalkeeper denied all the allegations, saying everything is made up to destroy his reputation.

“I’m more surprised than anyone by this news. I want to deny it. It is a lie and a falsehood.” de Gea stated.

He was also chosen to play for Spain’s EURO 2016 opening against the Czech Republic.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ David de Gea

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